Shopping Hammock blue

Shopping Hammock blue
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Shopping Hammock

The Babiage Shopping Hammock is an essential accessory for shopping at the supermarket with a young baby in total comfort and security.
Currently, parents drop off the carseat first age on the top of shopping cart with a significant risk of accident. 
In addition, it is cumbersome, inconvenient and less ergonomic.
Convenient, Babiage Shopping Hammock arises with one hand on the carriage, leaving large space for groceries. 
Ideal for twins, 2 Babiage shopping hammocks side by side can be used on one cart and still give room for purchases.
They are suitable for all types of Caddies (Metal or plastic, all sizes) using very secure side fasteners.
It also takes up very little space in the trunk when folded and stowed in its carrying case.
Suitable for babies from 0 to 6 months in the first position and then adjustable for infants from 6 to 9 months (max 10kgs).
A safety belt secures the baby in his Babiage Shopping Hammock.
The head hugger supports and protects the baby's head.
Sidewalls prevent the infant to access items placed in the cart.
Made of waterproof nylon, it’s available in various colors and machine washable at 30 ° C (Removable side fasteners).
Suited from 0 till 9 months. Registered design. Assembly in Belgium.

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