Why choose Doodoo?

Why Choose Doodoo?

Doodoo: Sweat dreams for babies... and for you!
Dear mothers-to-be, prospective fathers, relatives and friends,
We would like to introduce to you Doodoo, the teddy bear making womb sounds.

Doodoo consists of two parts: a hypoallergenic plush and an audio player.
Its core function is to make the same sound that was heard by the baby in the belly for nine months.
The audio player turns itself off, but if the newborn baby starts to cry, or you move the Doodoo bear, it turns itself on. Its other function is a reassuring music which the older babies also love to listen to.
It came from Belgium, but it was a great success in Germany, Austria and England as well; it has been used for several years now and proved to be a big success in more than a hundred tests.

We came in contact with this toy and had our own experiences, and we were lost in admiration because Doodoo helped our two-month old baby - who was very fussy due to bellyache - a lot. It comforted our baby in a matter of minutes, and, for the first time in her life, he slept through all night, from 9 p.m. to 5 a.m. We made up our mind to bring it to Hungary, because we got it from our relatives living abroad, and it was not available in Hungary at all.
Doodoo has already proven itself on several occasions since that day. Our one regret is that it wasn’t brought to us sooner. We could have saved ourselves a lot of fussy nights, because, whatever the scientific literature said, it was one thing to read the advices, but an entirely another one to reassure the baby in practice, and in particular, to get our baby used to sleep in her own bed after cradling which felt for her pleasing in her pain.

Doodoo is something special, because it soothes the newborn infants and babies naturally. There are babies whose first days are difficult ones, and mothers in recovery can use the help, as this teddy bear covers hospital sounds and makes familiar and reassuring sounds to newborn babies, facilitating falling asleep. Of course, fatigue caused by birth and jaundice makes newborn babies sleepy in the first weeks. It makes a lot of mothers glad to have a model child. But when bilirubin causing jaundice and sleepiness is eliminated by the body, you can see what a temper the new family member has. Anyway, whatever temperament your baby has, it would be great if (s)he would be able to sleep in his/her bed, and not only in lap nestled, because it is very important for the baby and the whole family in the long run that falling asleep is not a fatiguing misery.
Doodoo will help with that!

It is essential to start using this teddy bear as close to birth as possible. We received a lot of positive feedback from mothers of “older”, 12-month old babies, but the rate is not perfect in this age.
So, if you can, take it with you to the maternity ward to solve the problem of putting babies down to sleep and ensure that the whole family will wake up happily in the next morning.

If you are invited to see a newborn baby, you have found a special and useful present for the baby and the mother as well. ;)

In the References menu, you can find advices from specialists and recommendations from mothers. 

We would like to wish you happy times while having a baby and even happier times with your newborn baby.

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