Dear mothers-to-be,

We would like to draw your attention to the Doodoo plush teddy bear making womb sounds that can be seen in the photos below.
It is a basic rule of baby friendly maternity wards and hospitals to place newborn babies on their mothers’ chest, thus ensuring that the babies hear the heartbeat of their mothers, feel their warmth and breath.
Thus babies are granted the safety that was experienced in the womb. By using Doodoo stuffed animals, you can provide the babies with that experience. Placing a Doodoo animal next to the babies in their crib at the time of putting them down to sleep, it will make them feel like they are safe as they were in their mothers’ womb. After delivery, babies placed on their mothers’ chest almost always become calm, and will explore the world they came into placidly and happily.
A Doodoo aid will maintain the feeling of placid safety, so I warmly recommend the usage of this toy to everyone.

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Enikő Kassai
Obstetrician and Gynaecologist




Dear expectant mothers,


I would like to write a few lines about the Doodoo plush toys that are reproducing womb sounds. I'm working in a hospital in the department of obstetrics, where I had the chance to test the effectiveness of the Doodoo. During different treatments, like for example during blue light therapy, babies are having a hard time without there mommies, but the Doodoo proved to have a calming effect. Hearing the womb sounds also help the babies fall asleep to ease these processes. I recommend the Doodoos over dummies for newborn babies.


Gizi Seres

Department of Obstetrics, Head Nurse



Hi there!

Olivér is 7-weeks old, and I had my eyes on Doodoo when I was pregnant, but I thought I didn’t need it, we will get the feel for these things... But I was wrong... I decided one morning early, when we climbed out of the bed for the fourth time to get Olivér out of the crib (because whenever we put him down to sleep, he always woke up in a few minutes), I had to buy this toy THAT DAY. :D I read its description, so I knew it would take a couple of days to work, but we have already seen a positive effect the first night, and we have been using Doodoo every time when getting Olivér to sleep since then. Another change is that he could only fell asleep while being nursed, but now he can sleep immediately when I put him down, caressing and with the sound of Doodoo. :) If you can obtain it, don’t hesitate, even before the baby is born. I regret I didn’t buy it much sooner.






Dear Doodoo,

We all love the doggy, it always comes with us for our walks. Bianka sleeps better since we have it, and what is more important, she can go back to sleep easier after waking up. I love that I don’t have to run into her room, because Doodoo is very good at what it does.
Thank you very much.




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